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Governmental Affairs and Political Action Committee


The Governmental Affairs Committee focuses on issues impacting the homebuilding industry in Orange, Osceola, and Seminole Counties. Monthly meetings serve as a forum for policy discussion on current government  issues and updates. The Committee provides strategic guidance and recommendations to the Executive Committee regarding state & local concerns. Lunch is provided.

Chair: Steven Thorp, Dream Finders Homes
Staff Liaison: Lee Steinhauer,


GOBA PAC focuses on electing candidates in local and state elections who support economic development. Along with the Florida Home Builders Association (FHBA-PAC), GOBA PAC screens and endorses candidates who support and recognize the importance of home ownership and home building as an economic force within the community. Contact Lee Steinhauer, Esq. for more details on how to get involved with a team that is making a difference in shaping home builder-focused legislation and pro-growth government initiatives.

Board of Directors:
Rob Rosen (Chair)
Wes Robbins (Vice Treasurer)
Michelle Delaney
Ray Bradick
Ed Hampden
Dave Schmitt
Steve Flanagan
Carmen Dominguez
John Riddle
Alex Cardenas
Aldo Martin
Rick Caccavello

fhba legislative conference