• Overview of all Councils and Committees

    Communication Committee
    The Communication Committee directs GOBA’s overall comprehensive marketing and communications strategy. The Committee contributes expertise to assist staff in establishing organizational marketing, branding and communication plans for recruitment, fundraising, and political awareness. They will develop creative market outreach programs as needed that will drive new business growth. The Committee will advise staff on strategies to increase marketing communications channels and web presences including social media, public relations, website and printed collateral. The Committee will evaluate effectiveness of marketing initiatives both internally and externally and provide support to staff as needed.
    Meetings:                      1st Tuesday at 9:00am (Monthly/Bi-Monthly/Quarterly TBD)
    Staff Liaison:                 Kelsea Hoffman, (407) 629-9242 x106, Kelsea@GreaterOrlandoBA.com
    The Developers Council holds monthly programs on issues affecting the residential development industry. The general format includes networking followed by a professional panel discussion.  
    Meetings:                   4th Thursday 5:30 p.m.
    Chair:                           Drew Abel, David Weekley Homes
    Staff Liaison:              Ricardo Rodriguez (407) 629-9242 ext. 102, Ricardo@GreaterOrlandoBA.com
    Executive Committee
    The Executive Committee consists of the Association's five Senior Officers, the Immediate Past President and Immediate Past Associate Vice President, two optional appointments by the President from the membership at large, and the COO. The Executive Committee conducts the affairs of the Association in accordance with the by-laws, policies, and instructions of the Board of Directors. Service on the Executive Committee is by appointment only.
    Meetings:                     2nd Wednesday 8:30 a.m.
    Chair:                          Tony Hartsgrove, ODC Construction
    Staff Liaisons:              Chassity Vega, (407) 629-9242 x101, Chassity@GreaterOrlandoBA.com
    The Finance Committee consists of the Treasurer, eight active members (four of which are builder members) and the CEO. The Finance Committee is charged with preparing and recommending an annual budget to ensure proper functioning of the Association's staff and activities. Service on the Finance Committee is by appointment only.
    Meetings:                     2nd Wednesday 8:30 a.m.
    Chair:                           Vivien Monaco, Watson Sloane PLLC
    Staff Liaisons:             Jane Ewing, (407) 629-9242 x104, Jane@GreaterOrlandoBA.com
    As the charitable arm of the Greater Orlando Builders Foundation our mission is to provide, in perpetuity, a vehicle for us to repay our community.  Although the Foundation’s support is available to a broad base of worthy causes in Orange, Seminole and Osceola counties, two specific areas of particular interest have been targeted,
    Youth and Education.
    Meetings:                     4thThursday 9:00 a.m. of every other month
    President:                    Janeen Swanson, Weathermaster Building Products, Inc.
    Vice President            Dana Gravett, ODC Construction
    Staff Liaison:               Kelsea Hoffman, (407) 629-9242 x106, Kelsea@GreaterOrlandoBA.com
    FORE! This is an action-packed committee that plans and promotes golf tournaments – the GOBA Spring Builder Invitational and the Fall Golf Tournament.
    Chair:                           Alex Piazza, ODC Construction
    Vice-Chair:                   Dana Gravett, ODC Construction
    Staff Liaison:               Cherry Masih (407) 629-9242 x105, Cherry@GreaterOrlandoBA.com
    The Governmental Affairs Oversight Committee focuses on issues impacting the homebuilding industry in Orange, Osceola, and Seminole Counties. Monthly meetings serve as a forum for policy discussion on current government issues and updates. The Committee provides strategic guidance and recommendations to the Executive Committee regarding state & local concerns. Lunch is provided.
    Meetings:                     1st Thursday 11:45 a.m.
    Chair:                           Andy Stilfield, M/I Homes
    Staff Liaison:               Lee Steinhauer, (407) 629-9242 ext. 103, Lee@GreaterOrlandoBA.com
    Joint Building Committee
    The Joint Building Committee meets every other month with Building Officials from the counties and cities within the tri-county area. The Committee strives to promote the timely exchange of information between the homebuilding industry and local jurisdictions relating to plans review, permitting, and the inspection process.
    Meetings:                     2nd Wednesday 11:45 a.m. (every other month)
    Chair:                           Shawn Rawlins, Toll Brothers 
    Staff Liaison:               Ricardo Rodriguez, (407) 629-9242 x102, Ricardo@GreaterOrlandoBA.com
    The Legal Action Committee (LAC) reviews and discusses legal issues facing the Association and the homebuilding industry and gives strategic legal guidance and recommendations to the Executive Committee. . (Chairperson invite-only)
    Meetings:                     TBD
    Chair:                           Vivien Monaco, Esq., Burr Forman
    Vice Chair:                   Erik Szabo, Esq. Shutts and Bowen
    Staff Liaison:               Lee Steinhauer Esq., (407) 629-9242 ext. 103, Lee@GreaterOrlandoBA.com
    Membership EXPERIENCE Committee
    The Membership Experience Committee are a group of outgoing individuals working on behalf of the Association.  These volunteers are focused on welcoming new members, retaining existing members and take part in planning major association events: Young Professionals, Meet the Builder, General Membership Meetings, Educational Workshops, Membership Drives and Open House.  This committee offers an excellent opportunity to meet and do business with GOBA members.
    Meetings:                                             3rd Tuesday at 9:30 a.m.
    Membership Services Chair:            Paul Greenspan, Central Kitchen and Bath 
    Spike Committee Chair:                     Kristine Featherstone, Barry Neal Carpets
    Staff Liaison:                                        Kelsea Hoffman, (407) 629-9242 x106, Kelsea@GreaterOrlandoBA.com
    The Nominating Committee shall identify, solicit and consider recommendations as to candidates for each elected office and Director position to be filled.  The committee may resolve questions relating to the nomination of candidates, suggest rules and procedures for the elections to the Board of Directors and, upon direction of the President, perform other appropriate duties.
    Meetings:                     As required by the by laws
    Chair:                           Immediate Past President John Riddle, Turning Leaf Construction
    Staff Liaison:               Chassity Vega, (407) 629-9242 x101, Chassity@GreaterOrlandoBA.com
    *Members of this committee are designated in Article IX of the bylaws.
    Parade of Homes™
    In existence since 1953, the annual Parade of Homes™ is the single most important marketing tool builder members utilize to sell new homes. This spring event showcases homes throughout Orange, Seminole, and Osceola counties with a highly visible advertising and public relations blitz. This committee is by presidential invitation only.
    Chair:                           GOBA Vice President, Rick Caccavello, Central Kitchen & Bath 
    Staff Liaison:               Cherry Masih, (407) 629-9242 x105, Cherry@GreaterOrlandoBA.com
    Past Leaders
    The Greater Orlando Builders Association realizes that it stands on the shoulders of giants, and acknowledges this by consulting with past GOBA Presidents and past GOBA Associate Vice Presidents. These individuals constitute an unrivaled source of wisdom for the present GOBA leadership.
    Meetings:                     As needed
    Chair:                           GOBA Immediate Past President John Riddle, Turning Leaf Construction
    Staff Liaison:               Chassity Vega, (407) 629-9242 x101, Chassity@GreaterOrlandoBA.com
    The Greater Orlando Builders Association Political Action Committee (GOBA PAC) focuses on candidates in local and state legislative elections. Along with the Florida Home Builders PAC (FHB-PAC), GOBA PAC interviews and endorses candidates seeking elective office.
    Meetings:                     4th Thursday 4:00 p.m.
    Chair:                           Michelle Delaney, LRA Insurance
    Staff Liaison:                Lee Steinhauer, (407) 629-9242 ext. 103, Lee@GreaterOrlandoBA.com
    Remodelers/DESIGN Council
    The purpose of this council is to provide unified representation to serve the professional remodeler and rehabilitator while providing information and educational opportunities. This council is a must for members in this sector of the industry. Additionally, the Council serves as a professional forum to build a better understanding among designers within the home building industry. The Council provides an opportunity for its members to share industry-related information, foster positive client/designer communication, and provide members with networking opportunities.
    Annual Dues:               $90 per individual (State, Local & National)
    Meetings:                     As needed by Council. Programs, monthly
    Chair:                           Joe Sirilla, Sirilla Design Group
    Vice-Chair:                  Keith Groninger, Groninger Custom Homes, Inc. 
    Staff Liaison:               Cherry Masih, (407) 629-9242 x105, Cherry@GreaterOrlandoBA.com
    Sales & Marketing Council
    The Sales & Marketing Council is an organization within the Greater Orlando Builders Association, which acts as a catalyst for professional growth, achievement and community involvement of our members. The Sales & Marketing Council strives to foster the highest level of ethics, integrity and professionalism for our industry and our community. The Sales & Marketing council holds many events throughout the year including quarterly breakfasts, After Hours events, SAM Tram, Major Achievement Awards, Holiday Party and educational opportunities.
    Annual Dues:               $95 per individual (State, Local & National) Company Memberships Available
    Meetings:                     1stWednesday 9:00 a.m. Programs Monthly
    Chair:                           Kelli Belfatto, Park Square Homes
    Staff Liaison:               Cherry Masih, (407) 629-9242 x105, Cherry@GreaterOrlandoBA.com
    The Women's Alliance of GOBA is a network of professional women in construction that focuses on leadership, awareness, education and opportunity.  W.A.G. is designed to support and enhance today’s women in building while providing a sense of balance with family, career and health
    Sub-Committee Meetings:       1st Wednesday of every other month
    Chair:                                       Jennifer Willet, Keesee Associates 
    Staff Liaison:                           Kelsea Hoffman, (407) 629-9242 x106, Kelsea@GreaterOrlandoBA.com
    The Young Professionals Committee is a group of young leaders in the construction industry who focuses on hosting networking and social events around Central Florida for members and non-members under the age of 40-at heart to engage and encourage the younger generation to become more involved and to pursue leadership roles.
    Meetings:                     1st Thursday of every month
    Chair:                           Jeremy Ickovic, Mattamy Homes
    Staff Liaison:               Kelsea Hoffman, (407) 629-9242 x106, Kelsea@GreaterOrlandoBA.com
    The President has the authority to establish task forces for a specific purpose or to recommend a new standing committee.
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